Glock 17L 9mm Gen 3 Long Slide Pistol - Black

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Glock 17 9mm Gen 3 Long Slide Pistol - Black

With its 6" barrel and 8.5" sight radius, the 17L gives you better accuracy when shooting with "iron" sights and more slide real estate for mounting a red dot sight. The extended barrel increases muzzle velocity to put a bit more zip in the 9mm bullet, while the longer slide also helps diminish muzzle flip, helping you maintain a more stable sight picture and faster follow up shots.

To keep the lengthy slide from making the Glock® 17L too muzzle heavy, a large top cutout and additional machining inside reduce the slide’s forward weight so this pistol balances about like a standard 5" barreled G17. Built on a standard Gen3 Glock 17 frame - so it accepts many factory and aftermarket upgrade parts - the 17L comes already equipped with an oversized mag release and slide stop lever.


  • 4.5 lb. trigger pull
  • Factory installed target sights
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Comes with two 17-round mags

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